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12 Apps That Will Make Sure You Stick to Your New Year's Resolutions…

For the next few weeks, there will be no escape from magazine covers that champion a “New Year, New You” (or friends who have vowed to start green juicing). But whether you’re the type who makes and breaks resolutions quickly or has steadily improved your life year after year, you’re probably resolving to resolve something.

Resolutions are generally the same year in and year out: lose weight; volunteer to help others; quit smoking; get a better education; get a better job; save money; get fit; eat healthy food; manage stress; manage debt; take a trip; reduce, reuse and recycle; and drink less alcohol. But how do you make like Mark Zuckerberg and make sure this is the year you finally conquer them?

How about an app? PCMag has come up with one to help you with each of the top 12 resolutions. Because a lot of these apps have a social component, you most likely won’t be journeying down the road alone, particularly if you’re on a treadmill surrounded by the hordes of people who just joined your gym this month.

If you need one app to rule them all, meanwhile, keep track of your resolution progress with Strides (iOS) or Resolutions (Android). For something a little more specific, check out this slideshow.

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