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Democrats aren't giving up on Trump's tax returns

Leading Republicans in Congress are not yielding to pressure to review President Trump’s tax returns for potential conflicts of interest. But Democrats making the push aren’t letting them off the hook easily. They want them to go on the record with their refusals, repeatedly. “It’s going to be embarrassing when ...

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Take a weed break at work. It's allowed!

Isaac Dietrich [center], co-founder of MassRoots, at his startup’s weekly rooftop Cannibis smoking session. At most offices in America, smoking a joint during your lunch break or eating cannabis-laced brownies at your desk would land you in HR. But in some states, not only won’t you be punished — you ...

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How worried should you be about CIA hacking?

WikiLeaks has set off an avalanche of alarming headlines with its publication of purported CIA documents. Allegations that the U.S. agency has hacked into smartphones, laptops, and internet-connected TVs to spy on people around the world are enough to make anyone paranoid. But security experts are urging tech consumers to ...

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This could close the gender pay gap in 27 years

The gender pay gap has persisted for generations, but the end could be in sight for young women. Pay equity could be achieved in developed markets by 2044, according to new research released by Accenture on Tuesday. That’s 36 years earlier than previous estimates of 2080, and means women who ...

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You get $500K. But first you have to move to Ohio.

Women entrepreneurs meet with JumpStart staff at a networking event in October 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio. Ohio has a message for women- and minority-led startups: Move to the Buckeye State and you have a real shot at getting funding. Leading the charge is Cleveland-based JumpStart, a nonprofit that invests in ...

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Brexit pushes GM to pull the plug on Europe

In Europe for nearly a century, General Motors has weathered a World War, a Cold War, the Great Depression and the bankruptcy of its parent company. But Brexit was the final straw. GM announced Monday it will sell Opel and Vauxhall, two European brands it has owned since the 1920s, ...

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