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Elon Musk's surprising secret weapon: Trump?

Just days before Donald Trump won the election, Elon Musk expressed a common sentiment in Silicon Valley: “He is not the right guy.” But it turns out Trump may be the right guy for Musk and his businesses. In recent weeks, the Tesla (TSLA) and SpaceX CEO has been named ...

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Trump pick: 'No across-the-board border tax'

Donald Trump’s choice for treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin, said Thursday that the incoming Trump administration doesn’t plan to quickly impose an across the board 35% tax on items manufactured in other countries. Trump has pledged repeatedly to levy a border tax on items such as cars that are manufactured in ...

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Broadcasters prep for peaceful transfer of power…

The nation’s television networks play a pivotal role in every inauguration by blanketing Washington with dozens of cameras and transmitting every moment of the day. By literally showing the peaceful transfer of power, the news coverage sends signals to the country and the world about American democracy. Source link

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Some GOP governors: Don't repeal Medicaid expansion

The rush to repeal Obamacare on Capitol Hill is running into resistance in some state capitals. Some Republican governors who have expanded Medicaid, along with their Democratic peers, don’t want Congress to kill the provision that has allowed 11.3 million low-income adults nationwide to gain health care coverage. Congressional Republicans ...

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Treasury pick Mnuchin will defend record on foreclosures

Steven Mnuchin will defend his record running a California bank at his confirmation hearing for Treasury secretary, saying foreclosure practices that have been questioned were not his choice but the fault of regulators. Mnuchin goes before the Senate Finance Committee on Thursday, one of the final Donald Trump Cabinet picks ...

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Police bust fake food producers in China

One major food company said counterfeit products are often sold to small street vendors and wholesale markets. China’s problem with fake goods even includes the condiments and seasonings that people sprinkle on their food. Authorities in northern China say they have busted several underground factories that were churning out counterfeit ...

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